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    The standard of high chromium cast iron

    The standard of high chromium cast iron is ASTMA532M, British BS4844, German DIN1695, French NFA32401. of Russia in the former Soviet Union have developed 12-15%Cr, 3-5.5%Mn, ball mill lining board thickness is 200mm, the implementation of OCT7769 standard. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in nearly a century, has made an outstanding contribution to the wear resistant white cast iron (Climax) America Klein Mexes molybdenum industry company.1928 the company invented the first Ni hard cast iron, the abrasion resistant cast iron technology to an unprecedented height of.1974 years to commemorate the international GIFA in Dusseldorf exhibition show called "mystery No. 1" and "mysterious 2" that high chromium cast irons classic 153 (Cr15Mo3) and 1521 (Cr15Mo2Cu), now the company executive Mexes clay of high chromium cast iron standard follows the main bar suggests that this is particularly worth a visit.

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