DJM Technical Introduction

    V Casting as a physical modeling process,

    V Casting as a physical modeling process, the production of the casting surface is smooth and with high dimensional accuracy, some companies try to use the process to produce aluminum alloy castings, however,Method of single mold design, paint spraying on the production efficiency and environmental impact,
    he lower production rate of the casting process is lower than that of the problem.
    The further development of casting technology in aluminum alloy casting is developed in this paper.
    On the basis of the method of teaching experiment platform, the different molding processes are completed.
    Mold design, production, and analysis
    EVA Film molding process, improve
    Molding precision and film quality, rich
    The types of mold, and provide valuable experience for the relevant mold design.
    Process and use The related exploratory process experiment was carried out on the experimental platform.
    EVAFilm pyrolysis experiment and
    EVAPyrolysis product component analysis experiment, research
    EVAThe pyrolysis of thin films, and the pyrolysis products of the coatings were not.
    Based on the method of sand effect.
    EVACharacteristics of thin film pyrolysis products, no coating under different molding process conditions
    Process experiment, the aluminum alloy casting, the analysis of the no paint
    Process factors, to provide research basis for the production of aluminum alloy, based on the production of aluminum alloy pressure tank
    Try low Method composite process.
    The combination of the method and the low pressure casting is a good method to obtain the good surface quality.
    Based on the method of casting, improve the
    Casting process production rate, to avoid
    The casting defects of the casting appear roll gas and inclusion.

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