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    Vacuum casting Process introduction

    1.Vacuum casting Process introduction

    The method of vacuum sealed molding method or vacuum suction molding method or exergy modeling method will take the decompression
    Vacuum English Vacuum prefix named as V method. It originated in the Japanese vacuum technology and sand casting make
    Combined with water and without binder sand by the other plastic film of the cavity surface and abaxially with dense sand
    Sealed by the vacuum pump negative pressure caused by the sand, sand forming the outer fastening by differential pressure
    The core, box, casting the casting solidification after the lifting of the negative pressure to stop pumping gas or the sand will break
    Get the castings.Because it does not use the binder sand consumption to the simple molding material to minimize the
    Reduce the waste sand and the improvement of working conditions for the increase of casting surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the casting is reduced
    The production of energy consumption, so the Vcasting Known as the third generation of the modeling method is a promising advanced
    The casting technology.

    2.V casting Features:
    1) improve the quality of the casting included smooth surface, clear outline, accurate size. With fine sand the casting
    Hardness is high and even the draft.
    2) simplify equipment, save investment, reduce the operation of the maintenance costs.
    And sand mixing equipment. The old sand recycling rate of 90% or more. Mold and sand box service life long. 3) high metal utilization.V method
    casting In the activity of the metal filling ability can be the better Cast thin-walled 3mm. Casting high hardness, reduce the feeding riser size by slow cooling from the product. The qualified rate of the improved machining allowance is reduced.
    4) to improve the working environment of exergy Vcasting Most of the trace element gases produced in the pouring process are
    The vacuum pump suction air pollution is minimal. And after doffing without a lot of waste sand processing.
    5) V casting The production cycle is short, the operation process is simple and convenient for the organization and management of production.
    3.V casting Technological advantages of aluminum alloy door plank building exterior material
    casting Are humans master a metal heat processing technology has been the earliest history of about 6000 years.
    casting Refers to the liquid at room temperature but will soon mold curing material into the specific shape of the solidified
    The processing way of forming. Today the because of the material, technology innovation makes casting In building use The way is more important. casting
    The characteristics and advantages of no other metal forming method can replace the one soSome of the only selection of construction products casting The method to achieve economic and effective demand.V casting At the beginning of invention for manufacturing door, fence the current large thin wall casting
    Also widely applicable for the production of large, medium sized and black Alloy casting
    .V method casting
    Aluminum alloy relief door
    Board and building exterior materials exergy aluminum wallboard, relief panels, decorative board, two-way circular plate, landscape, sculpture creation
    Type,special The pillar, trench cover and cast aluminum grille, railings, aluminum doors and other building decoration products in the door
    That building exterior materials. With good taste and decency in the perception of the freedom but also design and manufacture and
    The beauty of the other regardless of shape or surface can truly reproduce the idea of designers is the sand
    casting Difficult to achieve.
    V method casting
    Relief door panels and building materials are mainly aluminum alloy materials.
    The elements are combined into various characteristics of the Aluminum Alloy is versatile, economical and attractive aluminum dense raw materials.
    Only the 2.7g cm3 is about 1/3 steel or copper metal of the low density is relatively high strength.
    Other features include high corrosion resistance, non magnetism, the characteristics of the no anti HIV Aluminum Alloy its high castability make it
    Are often designed with complex shape, high strength, light weight of the castings are widely used in transportation, construction,
    Structure, home, office equipment and other uses.
    Aluminum Alloy lightweight high strength plasticity and the processing of good with the advanced V method casting After the Guangzhou
    Other products widely used in metal processing method is difficult to molding the surface such as double round arc plate,special Column shape, decoration board and space landscape sculpture design from its application could cast any of the characteristics of surface is also widely used inThe relief inside and outside of the building wall aluminum panels, carved doors and grilles from the mold specialThe method is more

    Other cast aluminum grille, door, window, railing, ditch cover plate, planting the best molding cover and the cover of sewage treatment plant
    V method casting
    You can cast a large thin-wall part is the 3~5mmcasting
    The industry is most suitable for cast aluminum sculptureFlower door and building exterior material
    Master advanced V methodcasting
    The combination of technology and technique characteristic Aluminum Alloy an excellent design,Mould making,casting
    Even the cast blasting surface treatment, spray the product to the production of high quality castings for the target
    Give new life the other metal building products enhance the artistic value and originality. Humanized urban landscape
    View into the new life.V methodcasting
    With its unique technology is the Aluminum Alloy door building exterior materials shape tableNow the most powerful means.

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