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    controlled cooling to obtain bainite martensite wear resistant steel

    controlled cooling to obtain bainite martensite wear resistant steel
    Bainite especially the lower bainite has excellent strength and toughness, in the same hardness than the martensite has higher wear resistance. The control cooling bainite martensite wear-resistant steel is a cheap Si, Mn alloy, and its chemical composition (mass fraction,%) -:0.35 0.70C, 1.0-2.5Si, 2 ~ 4.0Mn. in order to obtain lower bainite, the heat treatment process of the controlled cooling technology in the casting of 900 DEG C after austenitizing, 1H insulation, the use of injection (high cooling speed) to the workpiece during the cooling process, avoid pearlite area, rapid cooling to the bainitic transformation region, termination of injection the key lies in the control of cooling cooling, timely termination of injection operation, in order to achieve the proper termination temperature. The results show that the suitable termination temperature of 260-350, and then use the corresponding insulation measures, the use of waste heat, create similar isothermal quenching by external conditions, in order to complete Bainite transformation. After heat treatment, the organization for bainite, martensite and retained austenite, the amount of residual austenite about 7% ~ 11%. Control cooling bainite martensite wear-resistant steel has better comprehensive properties: hardness HRC, AK 20j / cm2. The production of hammer using life of high manganese steel hammer is increased by nearly one fold, but also has the advantages of simple production process and low cost.

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