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    carbon low alloy wear-resistant steel in high SiMn

    high carbon low alloy wear-resistant steel in SiMn
    The chemical composition of steel wear resistance of low alloy high carbon Si Mn in the (wt%):0.43C, 1.3Si, 1.2Mn, 1.8Cr, 0.25Mo, B, RE. A small amount of the heat treatment process using interrupt normalizing: pouring casting temperature is more than or equal to 1500 DEG C, when cooled to 900 DEG C when the call box, and then make it in the air cooled to 300-340 DEG C, then casting into constant heat insulation container 10min, then placed in the cold air cooling to room temperature. Can obtain bainite and martensite dual phase microstructure, bainite content is about 30%, the hardness is 53HRC, AK is 22.5J / cm2, with excellent the impact toughness and wear resistance of the hammer production. Industrial experiments show that high manganese low alloyed medium carbon steel cast steel hammer life is 6.4 times of manganese white cast iron hammer, is 1.5 times of martensitic ductile cast iron hammer. Its characteristic is high carbon and low alloy steels in guimeng Wear-resistant cast steel does not contain rare precious elements, the price is low, the heat treatment does not need two heating, the direct use of casting waste heat treatment, can save a lot of energy, improve labor productivity.

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