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    Heat treatment process and quality control index of Mn13-4 ZG

    Heat treatment process and quality control index of Mn13-4 ZG
    Requirements of high manganese steel heat treatment temperature is not lower than 1040 DEG C; high manganese steel Cr element is not lower than 1080 DEG c;
    Implementation requirements:
    Cast state into the furnace (oven temperature < 400~300 DEG C for thermal insulation 1~1.2h and 80 deg / h heating up to 650 DEG C insulation 1.5h. Control heating speed of 100 DEG C / h heating to 1060 DEG C for hours (per theoretical 25mm1h). Former 15-20 heating up to 1080 C released. After passing the temperature into the cold water. High manganese steel from the furnace to the time into the water should not exceed 30s; into the water maintained at a temperature of 30 DEG C, after quenching the highest temperature does not exceed 60 DEG C;
    Water toughening treatment unless the circulating water content must reach 10 times the weight of the casting and Chlorophytum; clean water. Swing Chlorophytum accelerated cooling, high manganese steel pieces into the water after the guarantee is cooled to below 200 DEG C,. (tipping into the water of the castings often cooled to below 60 DEG C, hanging quenching cooling 20-30 min after high manganese steel surface is hot).

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