DJM Technical Introduction

    High Mn steel (Mn13) before the operation of the furnace

    High Mn steel (Mn13 ZG) before the operation of the furnace
    Charging: 230Kg scrap;;
    1 melting stage
    1) to start power supply 60%, after the current shock to stop the power will gradually rise to the maximum value;
    2) with the lower part of the crucible melting furnace, should be timely to prevent dumping "bypass" and continue to add the burden;
    3) most charge after adding slag melting 2% 4.6Kg (lime powder: Fluorite powder 2.5:1) and covered steel surface;
    4) to charge full melting after steel do chemical analysis. The power to 40-50% tilting furnace slag, slag and re.
    2 reduction period
    (1) slag after chemical cleaning to the slag surface (lime powder: powder 2:1) diffusion of oxygen in the process of using the lime powder, fluorite powder to adjust the viscosity of slag to make good flow of slag;
    2) to analyze the furnace adding alloy (23.3Kg 19Kg, high carbon ferromanganese low carbon ferromanganese); carbon ferrochrome in 3.5% (8.75Kg)
    The content of silicon in 5-10 minutes before tapping adjustment;
    3) measuring the temperature of liquid steel, require tapping temperature 1510-1530. And the rod style check deoxidation.
    3 steel casting.
    1) when the temperature of molten steel, chemical composition, deoxidation requirements, aluminum deoxidation power plug tilting tapping;
    2) ladle domestic demand to join 0.15% (FeSiMgRe8-5) of the ball, to make the ball and further to deal with;
    3) liquid steel in the ladle after tapping, steel liquid adding covering agent, 3-5 sedation after casting;
    4) pouring temperature 1430 ~ 1460

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