Company Introduction

    BeiJing JinMei Entrepreneur Co., Ltd. Which Specialized in scraper conveyor, concrete equipment, crusher, ball mill, Vertical grinding machine, furnaces and other equipment accessories¡¯ processing and export businesses. Products are widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy, electric power, and many other fields.

    Through years of unremitting efforts, our company mill Accessories products are covered by BABCOCK MPS series, ZGM series ; MPS,MP series; And HP series
    Our main products:
    1. Rolling roll of MPS, MP, ZGM, HP roller mill, grinding roller brackets and milling, tray, at the end of the nozzle ring, such as guide plate.
    2. Ball mill lining plate, ring gear, wheel, kiln and other parts.
    3. Crusher jaw, teeth, and mortar wall, broken walls.
    4. Water pump, slurry pump impellers, shield, pump in first class.
    5. The scraper, couplings, u-shaped bolt, dumbbell pins.
    6. Concrete mixers and lining of the floor, shaking, mixing arm etc. 

    7. MMC - Metal matrix  ceramic composite castings
    8. MMC - High Mn Steel matrix ceramic composite Jaw plate, Cone, Hammer, Blow bar,  Liner
    9. MMC - High Cr iron matrix Ceramic composite blow bar, Impact bar, Liner
    10. MMC - Martensite Steel matrix Ceramic composite Liner, Hammer, chocky bars,
    11. MMC Hammer, MMC Blow bar, MMC liner, MMC roller, MMC jaw plate, MMC cone, MMC plate.

    Our Material include: MMC, High Mn Steel ceramic composite casting, High Cr iron ceramic composite casting, Martensite Steel ceramic composite castings, Metal matrix ceramic composite,High Chromium cast iron,Ni-hard cast iron, white cast iron, High manganese steel,Martensite steel, and etc...

    Our company carries out "enterprising and realistic rigorous unity" policy, keep on exploring and innovating, with technology as the core, depending on the quality of life and customers as God and dedication to provide you with cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service.

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